This is an environment to simply serve me as a personal escape ground and as a place where I share my experiences and ideas whether it’s a technological article or simply a game review. I’m really into programming and gaming since I know myself. Never been an “outside” guy, never enjoyed social activities as much as other people do and frankly, I truly enjoy spending time in front of a screen or with my most-beloveds doing something new and excites me.

Now now, don’t think less of me. Spending your time facing against glowy glass, does come with benefits though. I don’t think I lack communication with people but that’s not my strength either, no, definitely not. My true strength is Internet. Watching every viral video, listening music intensively, watching movies, playing video games and following a trend or simply stalking front-facing internet pages like Reddit throughtout the years furnishes you unimaginable culture bombardment and gives me pure joy. Hell, in some days an idea comes to my mind and “Hey, ‘member when this happened and everybody was like this?” and I say to myself “Yeah.. I, uhm, don’t ‘member it exactly. Damn it.” and google it like a fourty year old, trying to find what it was and get its details. It gets cluttery sometimes but at the same time, it’s kinda nostalgic.

So basically, this blog will be present mainly for that reason. To collect my opinions and experiences and be a memoir for me-self. There will still be articles about various stuff but time will what I’ll be focusing on the most.

Anyways, enough chit-chat. Have a good time in both worlds.